Hi there!

I can't wait to begin your dress journey with you. To ensure your appointment is clean, fun, and unforgettable, we have implemented these safety precautions:


Who can I invite?

We ask each bride to bring one 'VIP' guest. You can also invite up to 7 additional guests virtually via our Portal.

Before your appointment

Please check out our gorgeous range online so you know what you'd like to try :




And please use your toilet before you arrive :)

How long will my appointment last?

Time will fly by but we'll probably be together about 1 1/2 hours

So what will happen at the appointment?

Please get to us at your time slot and knock on the door so we know you've arrived.

As you're welcomed into the boutique you and you guest will be asked to hand sanitise. You don't need to bring your own we've got enough to sink a battleship!

All visitors and staff will be asked to wear a mask to slow the spread of potential germs. If you've got your own please bring it with you. If you don't have one we've got plenty to share.

It's then time for the fun bit, trying the dresses. First we'll try the dresses you've chosen and then we'll pick out a couple more we think you'll love.

If you or your guest wants to touch the dresses we've got loads of gloves availabe so just ask!

We'll be sanitising our hands between each dress. There's sanitiser everywhere so feel free to do the same :)

Sadly we can't serve refreshments as we would normally do so please bring a drink with you and take it away when you leave.

And just to let you know between each appointment the boutique and any dresses tried are thoroughly cleaned ready for the next bride to have her YES moment.

OK Let's Do This