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RACHEL AND MARK: Real Elizabeth Kate Bride wears Enzoani Blue Mimi Wedding Dress

Real bride Rachel Enzoani Blue Mimi Wedding dress at Elizabeth Kate Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire

How did you two meet?

We met at work in a digital workshop, how romantic! We work for the same company but are in totally different teams so would never usually cross paths, but cross-organisation digital innovation brought us together. Aww!

What about the proposal, how did it go?

We had spoken about getting married and knew for sure it was what we wanted, but Mark said he wanted to propose in a special place and COVID had gotten in the way. So, on our first holiday after lockdown, I went down for dinner one evening to find a table by the pool, with champagne and flowers, petals all floating on the moonlit pool and Mark on one knee when I turned around. It was SO cute, the hotel staff then all appeared out of the bushes like paparazzi taking pictures for us, and people clapped from their balconies!

What was your wedding style/inspo?

 I knew what I wanted from the start in terms of my outfit and the room, I just always pictured this super cosy autumn wedding and needed a dress with sleeves. Thankfully the lovely ladies at Elizabeth Kate MADE my sleeves on the most beautiful dress. The inspo then continue from there really, Pinterest was a dream!

Tell us about your dress!

 I tried on so many, but knew I'd get one from Elizabeth Kate as soon as I stepped through the door. The service was gorgeous. I really liked a few, but I knew when I put the Enzoani Blue Mimi Wedding Dress one on it was perfect. I dared to utter... "I did want sleeves though" and within 10 seconds, the team were busy fashioning material around my arms ready to hand make some. The dream!

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

This is really hard, but I'd probably say either the reception when I got to take a step back and lap it all up, or the evening do because everyone was just SO happy. Dancing with my husband and closest friends to Whitney was a moment and a half!

Any changes? (Things you wish you’d done or wish you hadn’t!)

I wish I hadn't have spent to long beforehand sweating the small stuff, as I honestly barely noticed it on the day. I would maybe have gone for a shorter veil too as everyone kept nearly breaking my neck by standing on it, but it was worth it for those dreamy shots!

Any tips for brides to be?

  • Spend time with your photographer explaining exactly what you want, it's worth it!

  • Have your bridesmaids take your bag of essentials (lipstick, deoderant, phone etc) and move it around the day with you. You've always got it to hand then for a top up, but aren't worried about it.

  • Our vanity boxes in the toilets went down a treat with guests too so that they could stay fresh!

List your fave suppliers

  • Elizabeth Kate!

  • Petalis of Sheffield, flowers

  • Perfect Day Stylists, room decor

Real bride Rachel Enzoani Blue Mimi Wedding dress at Elizabeth Kate Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire

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