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BETHANY AND SHAUN: Real Elizabeth Kate Bride Wears Elysee Etoile Aurora Wedding Dress

Real Elizabeth Kate Bride Bethany wears Elysee Etoile Aurora Princess Wedding Dress

How did you two meet?

Me and Shaun met when we were young as we lived on the same road and two of our friends (that also lived on the same road) were brother and sister.

What about the proposal, how did it go?

Shaun was originally going to propose to me at the Peak District however he woke up on the Monday and decided he wanted to do it before we went away (I think it was nerves haha) so he did it in our dining room when I got home from having my nails done. It’s was perfect, just us two. I wasn’t expecting it so at first I thought he had some thing bad to tell me because he was so emotional.

What was your wedding style/inspo? Tell us about your dress!

I wasn’t too sure what kind of wedding dress I wanted. I thought it would either be something sleek or something more girly and bigger. The girls at Elizabeth Kate Bridal were absolutely amazing. Every dress I tried on I would say what I loved about it and what I was keen on and then they’d bring out something similar but different depending on what I had said. I ended up with the beautiful Elysee Etoile Aurora Wedding dress and it’s funny because I felt like I knew it was the one before I’d even gotten it on properly.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

Our wedding day was perfect from start to finish. I absolutely loved getting ready with my mum and all of my sisters. It was so special. Seeing Shaun waiting for me at the end of the aisle was amazing all of my nerves disappeared and I was so excited. It’s a day I’ll never forget.

Any tips for brides to be?

My top tip for any future brides to be would be plan out your morning. Work out what times you would like everyone to have hair and make up done by and what time you would like to be getting dressed for. It really helped me feel less stressed. I did all of my bridesmaids hair styling and I’d have been super stressed without a plan of action before hand. I also heard from a previous bride to try take 20 minutes between the wedding breakfast and the evening do for just you and your partner and I’m so glad we did now. It was lovely to chat about our day so far and soak it up a little.

Real Elizabeth Kate Bride Bethany wears Elysee Etoile Aurora Princess Wedding Dress

List your fave suppliers

  • Dress: Elizabeth Kate

  • Venue: San Pietro

  • Photography: Calvin Taylor Lee

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