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Five Things to do When You Get Engaged

Updated: Oct 4

Here's five things to do when you get engaged!

Engagement Ring
Our top tips for when you get engaged

You got engaged! How exciting!

Whether it was totally unexpected or you've been patiently waiting (like, forever) it's happened and you said yes! So what happens now?


Whether it happened on holiday, in a restaurant, at home on the sofa or somewhere else, you're going to want to shout it from the rooftops. Make sure to tell your most important people first. Whether that's your parents, other family members or bestie, let your nearest and dearest know first. Face to face is ideal but if not, do it on the phone. This kind of news deserves more than a text! Then when you're ready to tell the masses, social media is going to get the news out. Enjoy every moment of it!


You're engaged? Let me see the ring! You're literally about to become a hand model so consider getting your nails done before you start flashing your new rock. It's also nice to look back on a freshly painted set of nails when you're reminiscing about that proposal years from now.


Did they give you an engagement ring that fits perfectly? I mean. Kudos to you because most engaged brides are likely going to be back at that jeweller to get it sized. Be prepared, you’ll have to live without it for a few weeks which totally sucks, but there is no way you're wearing a ring that could slip off and get lost, right? The original jeweller should be able to size it for free, and once it’s done, you’ll never have to be without it again!


If your partner didn't take out wedding insurance when they bought your ring, you might want to look at jewellery insurance. Why I hear you ask? Because an accidental damage policy could cover you if you did something like, I don't know, accidentally lose the stone! You can also speak to your current home insurance provider about adding the ring to your home contents policy. To make any claim easier, take photos of your ring (we know you'll have a million anyway) and keep any original valuation documents safe.


You're actually getting married! Before you can actually plan your wedding, you're going to need some good inspo to get an idea of the type of wedding you want. There's so many options, we know it's going to be hard to decide! Set yourself up a Pinterest board so you can keep everything together.

Remember these five things to do when you get engaged.

You've got this! Congrats again babe - and happy planning!

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