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LINDSEY AND BEN: Real Elizabeth Kate Bride Wearing Elysee Etoile Elia Wedding Dress

Real Bride Lindsey Wearing Elysee Etoile Elia Wedding Dress from Elizabeth Kate Crowle Scunthorpe

How did you two meet?

Our love story is far from traditional, we met when we were 14 and 15, after dating on and off during our teens, we eventually went our separate ways and onto university. Back in October 2017, Ben asked Lyndsey if she wanted to go to Hull Fair (thinking it was a date), she said yes (not thinking it was a date) and since then they’ve grown their lives together. Up until 2021 Ben still hadn’t asked Lyndsey if they were actually together or not, but with two dogs, a house, an engagement ring and now happily married. I think we will be fairly safe to assume!

What about the proposal, how did it go?

Ben had planned a proposal that felt like something out of a fairytale. The dogs are very special to us, so they would have always been involved. We go on an annual Christmas Eve walk and in December 2021 Ben had planned the day. We went on a walk up Bamford Edge and overlooking lady bower reservoir he got down on one knee with the dogs sat either side. Ben had hired a photographer to take photos of the proposal. Later we

Celebrated at our favourite restaurant. Ben had organised a bouquet of flowers to be waiting on arrival and when we got home a necklace was hung on the Christmas tree of the same stone that is in the ring.

What was your wedding style/inspo?

We always wanted to get married abroad, in a rustic villa surrounded by greenery and bright flowers.

Tell us about your dress!

Going to Elizabeth Kate was special as this was the same place that my sister got her dress from, so I knew I also wanted to get my dress from there. The girls are so lovely and put you at ease, they found my dream dress. Running up and down the stairs with various styles and dresses. I never thought I would get the dress I did but once I tried my Elysee Etoile Elia Wedding Dress on, it just felt right.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

The favourite part of the wedding day was walking down the aisle to Ben and just knowing that nothing else mattered, I was about to marry the love of my life. I felt so beautiful in the dress.

Any changes? (Things you wish you’d done or wish you hadn’t!)

The only thing I would change would be to try and be less stressed the days before the wedding and just Enjoy it, once you’ve said your vows, nothing else on the day matters.

Any tips for brides to be?

I’m really glad we wrote our own personal vows as they meant a lot of the day

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