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ABBY AND WILL: Real Elizabeth Kate bride Abby wears Elysee Etoile wedding dress

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Abbey real Elizabeth Kate Bride Crowle Scunthorpe
Abbey and Will

How did you two meet? A little bit of background story first :) I was still in education, doing catering at hospitality, Will had a full time job at a place called the Lowther hotel, this became my placement for work experience. Local to me. Will was a waiter who worked most days I was doing my placement. I had made friends with a girl called Nicole, I asked her what his name was because he was very shy, and would only ever smile at me or say Hi. After a while we began talking to each other on social media, Nicole kept giving little pushes to help Will along as he just kept looking at me and smiling. it was harder for him to talk to me in person I soon realised as he's not the social type. One night she asked us if we liked each other and me beng a blabber mouth immediately said yes without thinking, he said he did as well (shyly of course) which made me relived, William is my first ever boyfriend I've had, and I was his first girlfriend too! and the rest is history.

What about the proposal, how did it go? Again with Will being shy it was not a typical proposal, we had been discussing the idea for a little while and Will had got me measured for a ring. I knew it was going to crop up eventually with going to the shop was a dead give away. Some time did pass and I'd forgotten all about it. He'd picked me up from collage and on his bed was a stuffed toy rabbit, (he knows rabbits are my favourite animal) and a ring box open on the lap of the rabbit with some of my favourite sweets. I was immediately very happy, he just stood by his bedroom door nervously, and his mum and siblings was peeping through the stair case. I defiantly said yes!

What was your wedding style/inspo? I have always loved Japanese culture and Sakura season (Cherry-blossoms) I instantly knew that had to be my theme. Tell us about your dress! I had always had a vision of a mandarin style collar Kim had altered it for me and added beautiful lace cap sleeves, the dress was embellished with lace at the top making a beautiful high necked dress. I loved the intricate little flowers trailing down the bodice with the off white tulle. Little white buttons down the back and a beautiful small train, my Elysee Etoile wedding dress was perfect in every way and I was fixated on it the moment I put it on.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day? I really enjoyed my disco, at my evening party I just love to dance! Any changes? (Things you wish you'd done or wish you hadn't!) I wish I would have organised my wanted photos a bit better I'd done a really good list! Which was a bit hard to interpret because of how I'd written it, me been the person that did it got a bit confused by what I'd put in some sections. People were getting restless towards the end because I'd clearly asked for to many!

Any tips for brides to be? Yes! Don't listen to other people trust your gut! I had more anxieties listening to others than just trusting the process, what you want is what you get it's YOUR DAY! Don't be bullied into any decisions. If you have any concerns the night before don't stress, I learnt on the day the coordinators are there to talk you through it step by step and it feels much easier than you think.

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