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EMMA & JACK: Elizabeth Kate bride Emma wears Rebecca Ingram Ellen wedding dress

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

How did you two meet?

Jack and I met at university through mutual friends. We started chatting on a night out and quickly became friends, the more we got to know one another the closer we became until Jack plucked up the courage to ask me out properly. We met in our third year, but soon realised we had actually met briefly in our second year! My housemates and I were friends with one of Jacks housemates and had gone round to theirs for pre-drinks before a night out. One of my friends, already being too drunk, knocked over their fridge outside of Jacks bedroom. Jack opened his door to find me struggling to pick up the fridge, very embarrassed, while my friend ran off! Jack was the perfect gentleman, helping with the fridge and checking I was okay. We couldn't believe it when we realised!

Elizabeth Kate Bridal Newly Married Couple Emma and Jack

What about the proposal?

We got engaged in October 2020. Having not been able to go away at all that year due to the pandemic, Jack surprised me with a weekend away for my birthday to Harrogate. Assuming the occasion was for my birthday, I didn't suspect a thing! He had booked us into a fancy hotel and on arrival suggested we go for a walk. Knowing how much I love nature and being outside, he waited until we were on a woodland path next to a stream with a waterfall. I suggested we take a photo with the waterfall in the background and turned around to find Jack on one knee. My first thought was that he was kneeling down to get a good angle for the photo, then I saw the ring in his hand! Of course I said yes straight away and couldn't get over my surprise. Definitely the best birthday weekend of my life.

Wedding style/inspo?

It actually took us quite a while to decide what style wedding we wanted to go with. We started by booking viewings with lots of different types of venues, but typical for us, we went with the first one we looked round, Cleatham Hall. Jack mentioned in passing how he wasn't bothered about lots of flower arrangements everywhere and that sparked the idea of simple greenery and Gypsophila. This became the theme for the entire wedding from table centrepieces and bouquets to the stationary and my bridesmaids dresses being sage green. It all suited Cleatham Hall perfectly!

Tell us about your dress

I said yes to the Rebecca Ingram Ellen wedding dress. It was actually the first dress I tried on and was picked out for me by Kim. It was fitted on the top, with delicate straps over the shoulders, cinched in at the waist, before flowing out and down to the floor, with the most beautiful train at the back. The whole dress shimmered as it caught the light and was covered in intricate flowers. I don't generally have much confidence, but from the moment I put the dress on I felt amazing! A few guests asked if I was going to change for the evening reception, but I couldn't think of anything worse! I loved wearing my dress and wanted to make the most of it, swirling around the dancefloor all night!

Favourite part?

We loved the whole day, but for me the moment that comes to mind in particular was walking down the aisle. I made the personal decision to walk down the aisle by myself and as the wedding got closer I started to become nervous about my decision. Our ceremony was outside, so I had quite a distance to walk on my own from the entrance of Cleatham Hall and across the grounds. When the moment came, our wedding co-ordinator opened the door and I could hear our processional song, River flows in you by Yiruma, being played by a wonderful violinist that we hired. A feeling of complete calm and happiness came over me and there was no room in me for any nerves, I was just so excited to get to Jack! My three bridesmaids walked out first, then it was my turn. Listening to the music, seeing all of the smiling faces of my family and friends and finally seeing Jack at the end of the aisle was the most special moment of my life and one I'll never forget.

Any changes?

We genuinely cant think of anything that we would change! I'm quite an organised person and love to plan and write lists, which massively helped and thankfully, everything I hoped for worked out perfectly on the day. There was a slight worry in the morning, as we were planning for an outside ceremony and the skies were looking a bit grey. By mid morning however, the sun was shining and continued for the rest of the day.


I think being organised from the start is very important and helps prevent any stress, keeping the whole experience fun! I bought a wedding planning book, which was super helpful as it gave me rough timelines, lists to check off and places to write down ideas and questions etc.

Also the day can go by so quickly, its important to let the special parts sink in. I think of it as taking a photo in my head, I purposely take a few seconds to take a snapshot of the moment. I do it in my day to day life and I did it throughout my wedding day and will always treasure the memories!

Elizabeth Kate Bride Emma

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