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HARRIET & CHRIS: Real Elizabeth Kate bride wears Enzoani Blue Marlow wedding dress

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

How did you two meet?

We met through work at a training day

Elizabeth Kate Bridal Newly Married CoupleHarriet and Chris

What about the proposal? How was it?

It was on holiday in Spain; we were having a picture taken and I thought he was faffing and was getting ready to tell him off when he went down on one knee.

What was your wedding style/inspiration?

I have always been inspired by nature and my favourite season is autumn, so it was a given I was having an autumnal wedding. We didn't really have a theme but we knew we wanted the mood to be relaxed but loving and the colours to be dark/moody with a hint of coziness.

Tell us about your dress!

Where to begin - I LOVE my Enzoani Blue Marlow wedding dress. I saw it in the shop window on a night shift and messaged Kim that night asking for an appointment. I'd already tried on a few dresses to see what I liked/disliked but as soon as I put the dress from the window on I knew. I didn't have that huge emotional moment like what you see on tv, I was just covered in goosebumps and knew at that moment I had found my dress.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

Walking down the aisle towards Chris, the sheer excitement was overwhelming!

Elizabeth Kate Bridal Newly Married Couple Harriet and Chris

Any changes? (Things you wish you'd done or wish you hadn't?)

Nothing at all, it was the perfect day for us.

You're an expert now - any tips for brides to be?

  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself to have that moment - it will happen!

  • Pinterest is your best friend for inspiration and ideas.

  • As much as friends and families opinions might matter, what truly matters is what you and your other half want.

  • This day is YOURS - do it your way!

  • Make sure to take moments throughout the day to just take it all in; the day goes far too fast and the little moments make it.

  • Enjoy the planning process because it feels so weird when it's all over!

Elizabeth Kate Bridal Newly Married Couple Harriet and Chris

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