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LUCY AND ANDY: Real bride Lucy wears Elysee Etoile wedding dress

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Real Elizabeth Kate Bridal Bride Lucy wearing Enzoani wedding dress

How did you two meet?

We met in Flares night club in Doncaster 🙈 Andy was on a stag do and I was out for a friend's birthday. His brother who I already knew, was on the same stag do, and introduced us. We got talking and I ended up staying out with the stag do when my friends went home. At the end of the night he wouldn't let me go in a taxi by myself so came with me in the opposite direction to where he was going so I could be dropped at my friends house. Then he headed home and paid for all the taxi!

What about the proposal, how did it go?

So the proposal... I'd been waiting a while for this (8 years) and in typical Andy style it was very much "oh there's no rush we've got plenty of time" in the end I said to him I wasn't even bothered about a ring a Haribo ring would do. So I'd given up and decided he was never going to get round to proposing. Then that Christmas morning we were laid in bed and he handed me a Haribo ring and said well you said a Haribo ring would do. He had also got me a proper engagement ring.

What was your wedding style/inspo?

I didn't really have a style or inspiration for the wedding I just knew I wanted simple and not loads of fuss. The only thing I definitely knew I wanted was how my bouquet was. I didn't want all the greenery and trailing bits, I just wanted a bunch of flowers like when you're a kid and you draw a bouquet, it's all flowers. I also wanted all daisy style flowers as again as a kid if I drew a flower that's what is looked like. Oh I also knew I wanted a colour scheme on the pink/purple spectrum.

Tell us about your dress!

My dress, oh I loved my Elysee Etoile wedding dress and still do now! It's a gorgeous plain ivory dress with a V-neck front. I added a little bit of sparkle on the waist band. The straps you could either have straight or crossed. I went for straight as it felt like it gave me more support. But the best bit was the back detail it has the most amazing bow that the ends flow down into the dress. I fell in love with it when I was looking for ideas but never in a million years thought it would suit me. I remember coming to Elizabeth Kate and trying other dresses first, then Kim asking me to try it. I was so unsure but I'm so glad I listened to her as it was perfect as soon as I put it on I knew it was my yes dress. but I tried a few more on and they just didn't do it for me. I tried my dress on again and yes I knew it was the one!

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

I loved my whole wedding day even though it wasn't how we had originally planned it (the joys of covid) The two bits I loved the most were:-

  • One my dad driving me to church in my lorry and pulling in to everyone who couldn't be actually in the church. They'd taken time out of their day and come to greet me and wish me good luck as I arrived and went in!

  • Also the moment I got to the alter to Andy partly because I couldn't wait to marry him but also because I needed to fill him in on the fact there was a cow that might calve that day! She'd looked a bit suspect that morning when I'd checked her, which I did whilst we waited for my entrance music to finish lol. (She didn't calve however, she waited another two days)

Any changes? (Things you wish you’d done or wish you hadn’t!)

I wouldn't change my wedding as such as I am so thankful in a way that we had to do smaller than we originally planned as it was lovely to enjoy the whole day without spending it trying to get round all your guest to say hello. The only thing I would say is it would have been nicer to have a few more people there as due to only having 30 people we did have to cut a few friends and family from being there.

The other thing I wished I'd done is wrote a list of the photos I wanted as I just winged it on the day, I generally got what I wanted but afterwards we realised there is a few photos of family groups we haven't got.

Any tips for brides to be?

  • Try not to stress, enjoy it and just let the day happen.

  • Take a moment with your husband after you get married away from everyone just to take it all in.

  • Make sure you know who you're passing your bouquet to when you get to the alter. (Makes things go much smoother)

  • Try as best as you can to get everyone to the the rehearsal (I had one bridesmaid miss it and she almost messed up the entrance in to church)

  • Have a table plan but not a seating plan (keeps the guest much happier and saves you a lot of hard work)

List your fave suppliers

  • 100% Elizabeth Kate for the dress

  • White Rose Occasions for decor

  • Rossington Hall venue

  • Shoot Photographic for photos

  • Hair - Lydia Hopkins at The Hair Shop

  • Makeup - Philippa at Studio 72 by Philippa Anne

Real Elizabeth Kate Bridal Bride Lucy wearing Enzoani wedding dress

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