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ALTERATIONS: Why do I need Wedding Dress Alterations? Everything you need to know

Ah, bridal alterations—the magic touch that turns your dream dress into a perfect fit! Let's dive into the details:

Reasons You Need Them:

The Perfect Fit: Most wedding dresses are made to standard sizes, but everyone's body is unique. Wedding Dress alterations ensure your dress hugs you in all the right places, making you look and feel your absolute best.

Length Adjustments: Hemming your gown is a common alteration You want to avoid tripping down the aisle! Your dress will probably have a minimum of 5 layers and each one will need to be altered to the right length. Your seamstress will need you to stand (and walk) in the shoes you plan to wear on the day, your dress will then be cut to sit gently on the floor.

Bustle Creation: If your dress has a train, you might choose to have a bustle to allow you to move freely during the reception or dance the night away without anyone standing on your train. Your seamstress will work her magic to create a bustling system unique to your gown.

Strap and Sleeve Adjustments: Whether you want to add, remove, or adjust the sleeves or straps, alterations can help achieve the desired look while ensuring comfort and support.

Bodice Adjustment: Ensuring that the bodice fits perfectly is crucial for comfort and style. Alterations can address any issues with the bust, waist, or back areas.

Taking In or Letting Out: Weight fluctuations or changes in body shape can happen. Alterations can address this by taking in or letting out the dress to guarantee a snug fit.

Personalization: Maybe you want to add some personal touches like lace, beading, or other embellishments. Alterations can help bring your creative vision to life.

When to Start:

Ideally, begin alterations about two to three months before your wedding day. Starting early gives your seamstress enough time for fittings and adjustments. If you're making significant changes or if your weight is expected to fluctuate, an early start is even more crucial.


The cost of bridal alterations can vary widely based on the complexity of the changes needed. Simple alterations like hemming may cost less, while more intricate adjustments, like redesigning the neckline or adding sleeves, can be pricier. Typically alterations at Elizabeth Kate can cost between £200 and £350 depending on what needs doing.

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