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What's Your Bridal Vision?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Rebecca Ingram Elsie Wedding Dress at Elizabeth kate bridal
Gorgeous Low Back Wedding Dress at Elizabeth Kate Bridal Scunthorpe

Hey you!

Today we're talking 'What's your bridal vision? This is really important because even if you have an open mind,

you'll probably have some idea of how you want to look on your wedding day - and that's okay!

When you arrive at Elizabeth Kate, we'll sit down with you and talk about your wedding. Talking about your venue, anything you might have planned already like styling and photography style and potential colour schemes. All this helps us to understand what your wedding day is going to look like. From there, we'll consider any dresses you've already seen that you might want to try, any shapes or silhouettes you've already thought about and take on board anything which feels like NEED for you. Having said this, it's our job to help you find YOUR perfect wedding dress. We 've gone through lot's of training and acquired tons of knowledge which gives us an advantage. Wedding dress shopping is unlike buying any other item of clothing - you've likely never tried a wedding dress so you have no point of reference for what's going to look amazing on you!

Understanding how you want to look AND feel is all part of the process and sometimes, that means we might encourage you to try gowns which fall outside of your comfort zone. We've had brides adamant they don't want to try something because it's not giving them that hanger appeal but over 80% of our brides walk away with a dress they didn't expect to fall in love with - how crazy is that?! Because of this, it's okay to take a minute to grieve what you thought you would look like on your wedding day as you take in the reality that something else just looks a million times better on you.

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